Improvements to infrastructure for hosting multi-tenant Azure App Service


A part time project where the main goal was to implement Azure Front Door into the existing infrastructure automation to improve security and performance of an application with hundreds of tenants.

Azure Front Door

Performance improvements were achieved by leveraging caching, compression and the content delivery network to service static and cached content from regional distribution points.

To improve security Azure Front Door Web Application Firewall (WAF) was used to identify improvements in the application such as ways to filter/encode data that was transmitted to/from the application and customers web browsers. The WAF also enabled visibility to how the site was currently being scraped/attacked and potential mitigation.

Technologies Used

The existing infrastructure automation was primarily in Bicep and Powershell. These technologies have not previously been used by BITServices and therefore brought new knowledge to the company and contrast with the alternative tools that we much more commonly use.

Other Deliverables

As well as delivering Azure Front Door, other small tasks carried out included creating another environment with infrastructure as code which required heavy refactoring. The refactoring was mainly converting scripted PowerShell steps into proper infrastructure as code (Bicep in this case) and fixing infrastructure deployment pipelines that were failing for various reasons.

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