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Fully automated Wordpress platform hosted on Amazon Web Services



A small project carried out for a family member.

The Problem

FoodFriends have a small Wordpress website that was hosted with a traditional hosting provider. The provider, unfortunately had crippling limits such as only 50MiB of disk for website media. FoodFriends required that website stayed on the Wordpress platform.

The Solution

The website was moved to Amazon Web Services.

To remove future support costs and time, the supporting infrastructure was automated with Hashicorp Terraform. The installation and configuration of software fully automated with Ansible - even down to the renewal of the TLS certificate!

By using Amazon S3 backups are automatically taken and rotated daily. Restoration of data is managed by the Ansible playbooks meaning the entire infrastructure can be built from nothing with all data restored in just minutes.

The Result

There is now gigabytes of available diskspace for media. As Amazon Web Services is an enterprise grade platform capable of hosting even the most busiest of e-commerce websites the performance of the FoodFriends website has increased dramatically.

Having TLS configured correctly and being made mandatory the FoodFriends website has had its ranking increased on Google.

The current cost of hosting the infrastructure is approximately $1 a month for a couple of Route53 zones. Once the free-tier expires, the overall cost will still be only a third of what it was with the previous host.

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